Carrie Sylvester

Founder & Executive Director

Carrie has a deep love for all animals and nature.  She has lived with a menagerie of animals from the time she was little and has been working with them professionally since the age of 16.  Out of this love she acquired degrees in Animal Nursing, Wildlife Education, Animal Training and Zoo Keeping at America's Teaching Zoo, Moorpark College. 

During her 10 years in the veterinary industry Carrie also began pursuing her interest in wildlife by becoming a wildlife rehabilitator.  She volunteered with the group Wildlife Care of Ventura County and cared for orphaned and injured wildlife out of her home so they could be released back into the wild.  After this time she began working on her life goal of being a wildlife educator.

Carrie has worked as a wildlife educator since 2004.  During this time she worked for a company providing after school programs for children, managed a summer camp program for children, was a zoo-keeper at Los Angeles Zoo, and recently cared for, and assisted in overseeing the breeding of the endangered California Condor collection at the Los Angeles Zoo.

In 2006, she found her calling while being a staff member at a zoo camp.  Wildlife education in a camp environment was the perfect combination for her skills and interests.  For 2 years Carrie was the Director for the Junior Safari day camp at America's Teaching Zoo.  In 1 year, she doubled the profits of the program allowing the zoo to expand and upgrade facilities for the animals.  It was during during this that she saw this was the career for her and that people, animals and the planet needed this education available on a grander scale.  This was the start of Zootopia.

Since 2007 Carrie has been focused on building the non-profit structure and creating the team and relationships necessary for the success of her dream.  With her passion and experience, Carrie brings a unique approach to Wildlife education to bring the mission of Zootopia to fruition.

Carrie Sylvester