Meredith O’Brien


Meredith O’Brien was raised in New Orleans and attended New Orleans Center for Creative Arts. As a graduate of Florida State University with a degree in Theatre.  Meredith recently Executive Produced the feature film LABOU, spearheading the fundraising of $1.4M for the project.  This project was recently picked up for distribution through MGM and Fox for DVD and Television release in 2008.  LABOU has won 8 Awards including the “Best of Fest” at the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival. She currently has one feature film in development: THE SAME SKY with director Jeff Kramer, for which she has raised approximately $1.2M, and should start pre-production in summer 2009.  Her other accolades in this industry are extensive from acting in a national commercial to producing multiple projects and films.

As a business owner, and the CEO of Mobile Magic Studios, Inc., where she produced five made-for-mobile series that are distributed on the all of the major mobile content networks, including Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T.  Although most of Meredith’s experience is in the television and film industry, raising money and managing productions, she also has extensive experience in supporting others and as a business woman. Out of this experience she started a consulting and coaching business.

Meredith also has a love for animals and camps that date back to her days as a camp counselor for BFHS theatre camp.