Our Mission/Vision and Nature Station Charter

Our mission is to raise awareness, empower with knowledge and inspire actions that will restore balance for nature, the planet and all of its inhabitants.

Our goal is to inspire people to make small changes in their daily lives that will result in less negative impact on the planet, therefore lowering their environmental footprint.

We envision balance and harmony for all living beings.  We see the possibility of humans taking responsibility for the current conditions of the planet and making powerful, conscience decisions about how the future is going to go.  We envision a new generation of children in which the vocabulary and knowledge of being “Green” is a natural way of thinking, automatic.

Nature Station Charter

Nature Station is a global leader in environmental education. Our programs empower people to take action inside of their commitments for environmental harmony.

Through their participation with Nature Station, people experience themselves making a difference in reducing humanity’s footprint on earth.

Individuals and families become leaders inspiring others to create communities that protect the planet.

Humanity’s relationship to the environment is transformed.  The world is happy.

Our Core Values: