Support Us

By assisting us in our mission you will be directly guiding and shaping the youth of today to be environmentally responsible adults for tomorrow. You have the opportunity through partnering with us to change the future for humanity from the decline we currently face to a future that includes sustainability and balance for humans and animals.

Are you inspired by what Nature Station is up to? Do you want to help out? We have a number of ways to support us and get involved!

  1. Donate
    Zootopia is a non-profit (501c3 status pending approval). You can donate money, goods, services... anything that will help us achieve our goals. If you wish to donate money, you can do that on our donate page.
  2. Volunteer
    We have a lot going on at any given time. We can use volunteers around any of the following areas: program support, administration, fund-raising, etc. Please contact us if you want to volunteer.
  3. Participate in Our Fund-Raising Activities
    As an educational non-profit, we're working to create fun, educational events that will help us raise money. Additionally, we may have a number of other events or activities that we're undertaking to raise funds for our programs.
  4. In-Kind Donations (goods or services)
    If you or someone you know wants to donate any goods or services, please contact us. Some items that we're looking for that will make a difference are: Gift Cards (PetSmart, Michael's), Solar Panel/Materials for hands-on training, Land, Tents, Lanterns, Catering Services.
  5. Participate in Our Programs
    Finally, Zootopia is constantly creating new and evolving our programs to suit the needs of people and the planet. The best way to support us, is to support our cause. Participate in any of our programs and change the world!