Adopt an Animal

YOU can be the proud parent of one of our unique animals.

Through our adoption program you will learn more about your special animal, provide food and supplies for it’s care, and most importantly, you will be personally supporting Zootopia in caring for an animal ambassador that educates thousands of children every year.

Available starting with as little as $20 annually (or $10 monthly), you will be supporting nature in a unique and inspiring way by allowing us to care for our existing animals, and acquire new animals!

Our “Adopt an Animal” program has the following levels:

  $20 Annual $50 Annual $120 Annual/
$10 Monthly
$300 Annual/
$25 Monthly
$750 Annual/
$65 Monthly
Adoption Certificate
Fact Sheet and
PHoto of your Animal
"I Support Zootopia" Sticker    
Animal Adopters'
"Parent's Day Event"
"Planet Superhero"
Birthday Party ($195 value)

Our animal ambassadors are the foundation of our program. Please join us in caring for our animals!

For more information or to adopt an animal please contact or call 805-479-2729