Carrie and all Nature Station staff,
Everyone is still raving about how great Camp was! All the girls and their parents are still coming up to me telling me what a great time they had.  The program was outstanding, they all learned so much while having fun.  Thank you for working in badge requirements too! All your time planning this event really showed in your set up and organization, balancing activities and free time.

Thank you so very much for your time and dedication to teaching the Girl Scouts! We loved having Nature Station at this event and look forward to hosting another event with you!

—a Girl Scout Troop in Simi Valley

“My daughters (ages 8, & 9) & I were camping at McGrath State Beach near Ventura, Ca. in July 2010 & if Carrie Sylvester, founder of Nature Station, would not have been in the park that weekend, our trip would have been pointless! We learned so much about our environment, local animals, recycling - the experience was amazing! She showed us slide shows, we did craft projects, they had live animal interactions - ALL of which were not only extremely fun but VERY educational! Not only was if fun for myself & my kids, the other adults I was with, my Aunt & Uncle, also had a fantastic time learning & participating!Carrie also spent time one on one with everyone who had questions! She took the time to answer our questions and was extremely friendly! Nature Station is definately something that I will always remember & certainly look forward to in the future!”


“Carrie from Nature Station presented an animal show at my kids’ camping. She was fantastic. Her show was fun and eductional and it was the highlight of the entire camping. She is very good to engaging children and she is so passionate in what she is doing. What a blast!”


“We discussed the importance and values of going green and how all living things, humans are connected and rely on each other. For example, there was a demonstration where a “tree” of animals was constructed from blocks, each stacking on top of the other. We showed the children that by removing one animal from an ecosystem, even one deemed as commonly “lesser” (such as a rabbit), how the ecosystem as a whole, humans included, are negatively impacted. This lesson was very simply but carried an extremely important message which I felt stuck well with the audience.”


“I had a lot of fun! We talked about reusing, reducing and recycling to help the planet, ecosystems and how animals are all dependent on each other and basic facts about animals. For example, did you know that a chinchilla has 60-80 hairs per follicle? Or that a Madagascar hissing cockroach can live 1-2 weeks without its head? The kids seemed to have fun too. They played a game where they separated trash from things you could recycle or reuse! They also really liked being able to see and sometimes touch the different animals. This is a great way to educate children about our planet and how to help it stay healthy!”


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