Welcome to the Threatened & Endangered Animals Series!

Animals are an integral part of this planet yet they are disappearing at an unprecedented rate. Many people know this, some can even list a few of the animals that are threatened or endangered. Do you know any animals that are endangered?

There are so many species though and there is so much to learn. My passion for these animals has led me to creating a series of classes so children and their families can learn about these fascinating and important critters. In each class I teach the basic information for that species, what their role is in their ecosystem, and most importantly, how we can help them.

My favorite animal is the Grey Wolf!

Fortunately, it’s also my most popular class so I’m offering it to you for FREE!

The Grey Wolf was once a very endangered species. They have recovered in most areas but are still considered endangered in certain regions. Some people believe the Grey Wolf is a nuisance and they should be eliminated. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Join me in this class to learn about these beautiful creatures. I will explain why they are critical to their ecosystems as well as how they live and communicate within their pack. These are fascinating animals and I guarantee by the end of this class your heart will love them too.


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