Current Programs at Nature Station

At this time we are not offering in person programs. Please add your name to our mailing list to receive notification as soon as we do.

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We believe that the planet is a fun and fascinating place, so we design all of our programs to be the same way.

Nature Station engages participants in an array of activities focusing on three realms of education:

  1. Wildlife education
  2. Eco-education
  3. Green living education

These three put together gives us the overall category of Environmental Education.

During our wildlife education sessions you will have the opportunity to learn about, see and sometimes touch our animal friends.**

Participants of our program walk away with the following education, skills, experiences and new opportunities:

  • Leadership skills
  • Responsibility
  • Knowledge of self as a part of a greater whole
  • Capability to act on commitment for the environment
  • Awareness of what options are available
  • How to Make a difference
  • Activities to bring their family together
  • Ability to inspire others and create a commnity of support

With this new education and these new tools, our participants will touch the lives of many more individuals, families and communities… forever altering the future of our planet.


**Not all programs have live animals present and not all animals can be touched.  Please read the program descriptions carefully.

Safety is always our first concern so these activities will only happen under strict guidelines.

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