Planet Superhero Birthdays

Due to the current pandemic, we are not curently holding any of our in-person programs. We do, however, offer some online classes!

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Let us entertain, educate and have fun with your children.  After this party your children will be excited about animals, the planet and protecting it.

We make your child’s birthday easy….


Pick a local park or use your own backyard or house.

We have 4 birthday packages to choose from, times are approximate:

  1. $250    3 animals to meet (30 minutes)
  2. $300    5 animals to meet (45 minutes)
  3. $350    5 animals plus a game OR craft project (1 hr 15min)
  4. $400    5 animals plus a game AND a craft project (1hr 30 min)

Your child and their friends will get to meet our animal friends up-close and personal, and we mean up-close!!

All of our animals can be touched and held safely, with our staff’s supervision.  Our games and craft projects are all fun yet educational.  The children will be having such a good time yet they will be learning something of value too.

Maximum of 20 participants

For further details, or to book a party, please contact us at or call 805-479-2729

Bookings are subject to availability.

butterfly lizard turtle